RBU solutions for special applications

Creativity is never off-the-shelf!

We offer efficient and individual solutions with the highest precision and durability wherever intelligent engineering and reliable control systems are required.

We can also find the perfect solution for the most unusual applications! The know-how we have gathered over many years in a variety of industries and applications helps us find intelligent, simple and efficient solutions.

RBU control dampers - one or two wings - swing through depending on the requirements, for continuous control or with sealing strips for a tight seal when closed.

RBU safety dampers - with self-releasing counterweight in the event of a fault - safe opening / closing of the valve under any conditions.

RBU double shut-off valves with sealing air station - gap warm air application for excess pressure - guarantees no emission of flue gas. Also available as an option with inert gas.

In addition, RBU also supply hot gas pipe compensators as well as customer-specific bespoke material valves for powder and bulk goods.

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