RBU SIK safety dampers

(fast closing or opening)

Type: Robust safety dampers as a fast closing damper with drop weight (ATEX optional)
Maximum pressure: 500mbar
Use: Safety damper - closing time < 1 second
(Safety setting OPEN of CLOSED)
Operating temperature: up to max. approx. 800°C
Size: DN100 - DN5000
Designs: Round and square, 1 or more wings
Sealing: soft seal, with or without metallic sealing
Operation: The valve is connected to the actuator via two levers by means of a magnetic fitting. To release the valve in the event of a fault, the magnetic fitting is switched of without current and the valve goes into the open / closed position due to the counterweight. To re-instate the connection, the actuator is re-set with the valve.
Assembly: Various positions possible.


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