RBU hot gas dampers

Type:Extremely robust hot gas dampers with generous safety reserves, considering optimal flow rates
Maximum pressure:approx. 200mbar
Use:Incineration and furnace units
Operating temperature:1100°C (For the highest temperatures)
Size:DN500 to DN3000
Designs:Round and square, 1 or 2 wings
Sealing:with or without metal sealing
Operation:electric or pneumatic
Assembly:Flange as per DIN 24154 or per customer specification
Construction types:Hot gas damper with cast wings, stainless steel, ceramic, fireproof concrete, for use with high temperatures and abrasive dust. External, special construction features for tension-free uptake of thermal expansion. Designed using stainless steel adapted for the application in question.
Insulation:RBU hot gas damper for refractory lining and insulation


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